Vasa case study

AMOSS Vasa Previa Study

A similar but lesser effect was seen for ankle brachial pressure index ABPI. Physical examination of my case Objective Data: The Fischer classification endured until development of reliable microsurgical and catheter angiographic technique, which paved the way for development of predominantly non-lethal aneurysm neurosurgery.

Clinical follow-up was available for 16 patients.

Fate of the Vasa, The

A treacherous, double-bubble PCOM aneurysm, arising from a fetal disposition vessel. The pooled OR of all studies estimate for the month patency rates was 0. Percutaneous catheter-based treatment is less invasive and associated with lower complication rates, and shorter hospitalization".

The integrity of the intima is critical, since damage can lead to atherosclerosis or clotting. Lotus Press, 5. The proximal location of the ophthalmic is again emphasized. PCOM aneurysms have notoriously high recurrence rates following endosaccular coiling.

EM image of artery longitudinal section, from Elektronenmikroskopischer Atlas im Internet. Arteries The largest arteries, such as the aorta and its larger branches, have a tunica media dominated by elastic tissue. The SFA study is a prospective, multi-center, single-arm trial that planned to enroll subjects at up to 30 sites globally.

In theory, the synthetic fabric of the covered stent excludes the atherosclerotic plaque from the lumen. Various locations throughout Finland Dates: The Vasa was then left alone, and faded out of human memory, until the s, when it was relocated.

Usually, this kind of ophthamic enters the orbit via its own private foramen — the ophthamic foramen. List of associated risk factors for placenta previa. Sometimes, the better part of valor is to take the whole PCOM, provided no perforators are present and a good P1 segment is available, if coiling continues to be chosen.

Diagnosis and management" recommended the use of bare metal stents where stenting is indicated for intermittent claudication because of a lack of evidence of superior clinical outcomes with DES.

Yet another kind grows from the lateral portion of the ICA at the level of ophthalmic takeoff — somewhat more rare given presence of the clinoid process there. No peri-procedural deaths occurred. The SE stent may be post-dilated to ensure strut apposition to the arterial wall.

Distinct from loops are carotids with unusual courses, particularly those that swing anteromedially towards the back of the oropharyngeal wall, best appreciated on cross-sectional imaging. The media of arteries is generally thicker than the media of veins of comparable diameter.

The History of the Incredible Vasa Warship and its Humiliating Shipwreck

An inquest is launched soon after, and the blame falls on Hybertsson. This large, laterally-projecting aneurysm has problably eroded the distal dural ring, and is therefore partially intradural — a horizontal band at the superior aspect of the dome red arrow most likely represents dural ring indentation, which can also be appreciated at the same level upon the medial aspect of the carotid artery purple arrow.

The authors concluded that endovascular treatment of SFA occlusive lesions provided interesting results. An entirely different approach was taken by the great Lasjaunias who, together with Santoyo-Vazquez, subdivided the ICA based on embryologic considerations rather than anatomical landmarks adjacent to the ICA.

Denies any spousal abuse. Tutoring and counseling can also be given in English. Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and stenting is often reserved for patients not suitable for open re-vascularization. Coriander tea is used in this case. Veins return blood to the heart and have proportionately less smooth muscle and elastic tissue than arteries of comparable size.

None of the patients required surgical re-vascularization and none of the patients died due to recurrent mesenteric ischemia. Patients requiring bowel resection are less likely to survive, and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or who had femoral access have higher re-intervention rates.

Internal Carotid Artery and Its Aneurysms

She denies any recent trauma. This is fortunately becoming less problematic, as distal support catheter technology rapidly improves.

The purely medicinal use is also very developed with a big variety of problems that are treated and many different formulas and ways of preparations. Your Paper 2 deals with understanding a competitive application of technology and, even though it was a good idea, resulted in failure.

In delivering IT security consulting services to large enterprises in Australia, particularly in the health care, utility and large government sectors, Information Systems Group has used the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards extensively, for example ISO for security and ISO for IT service management.

THE FATE OF VASA Case Solution, Question 2: We will then attempt to understand if history might have been written differently, that is:. In order to identify the underlying problems in the case of VASA, we must first and formost have a holistic view of the whole supply chain in order not only to find out Vasa's positioning in the supply chain but also its relationships with other supply chain actors.

The vertebrobasilar system is a perfect example of this concept.

THE FATE OF VASA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The cervical spine, consisting of C1 through C7 vertebrae, and occipital bone, and their associated nervous, muscular, vascular, and cutaneous elements, are the segments. Histology Study Guide Cardiovascular System. These notes are an ancillary resource, NOT a substitute for scheduled resource sessions or for textbooks.

OBJECTIVES: Anxiety is one of the most prevalent co-occurring symptoms in youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The assessment and treatment recommendations proposed here are intended to help primary care providers with the assessment and treatment of anxiety in ASD.

Vasa case study
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