Bhoplal gas tragedy case study

He was declared a fugitive from justice by the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Bhopal on 1 February for failing to appear at the court hearings in a culpable homicide case in which he was named the chief defendant.

Even to this date, the company has not stated exactly what was in the toxic cloud that enveloped the city on that December night [ 8 ]. The Engineers and Scientists, and H. In order for water to have reached the MIC tank from the pipe-cleaning area, it would have had to flow through a significant network of pipes ranging from 6 to 8 inches in diameter, before rising ten feet and flowing into the MIC tank.

Dangerously high levels of heavy metals such as lead, cobalt, cadmium, chrome, nickel and zinc have been detected in this river which is a major supply of potable water to India's capital thus posing a potential health risk to the people living there and areas downstream [ 21 ].

All except one was closed down by There was no warning or guidance to the general public around this time. One month later, in Februaryan MIC leak affected 18 workers. Legal proceedings involving UCC, the United States and Indian governments, local Bhopal authorities, and the disaster victims started immediately after the catastrophe.

According to the Government reports, persons had died andwere injured. What followed was a nightmare. This testimony was corroborated by other witnesses. This gauge indicator was found defective, later on. Far more remains to be done for public health in the context of industrialization to show that the lessons of the countless thousands dead in Bhopal have truly been heeded.

Gokhale, managing director; Kishore Kamdar, vice-president; J. San FranciscoSierra Club Books; Technical Expertise and Managerial Responsibility. However, they still do not adhere to standards as strict as their parent company in the UK.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Transferring the MIC from the tank into a nearby spare tank. Reported polluting compounds include 1-naphtholnaphthaleneSevintarry residuemercurytoxic organochlorinesvolatile organochlorine compounds, chromiumcopper, nickel, lead, hexachloroethanehexachlorobutadieneand the pesticide HCH.

The mad rush on the main roads of the city resulted in stampedes. Most city residents who were exposed to the MIC gas were first made aware of the leak by exposure to the gas itself. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy: UCIL's investigation team found no evidence of the necessary connection; the investigation was totally controlled by the government, denying UCC investigators access to the tank or interviews with the operators.

In Marchresidents of Kodaikanal in southern India caught the Anglo-Dutch company, Unilever, red-handed when they discovered a dumpsite with toxic mercury laced waste from a thermometer factory run by the company's Indian subsidiary, Hindustan Lever.

Chronic conjunctivitis, scars on cornea, corneal opacities, early cataracts Respiratory tracts: The slab suddenly began to vibrate beneath him and he witnessed at least a 6 inche thick crack on the slab and heard a loud hissing sound. The "Corporate Negligence" point of view argues that the disaster was caused by a potent combination of under-maintained and decaying facilities, a weak attitude towards safety, and an undertrained workforce, culminating in worker actions that inadvertently enabled water to penetrate the MIC tanks in the absence of properly working safeguards.

Industrial Disasters : A case study of Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster

Doctors and hospitals were not aware of proper treatment methods for MIC gas inhalation. The Court ordered the Indian government "to purchase, out of settlement fund, a group medical insurance policy to coverpersons who may later develop symptoms" and cover any shortfall in the settlement fund.

The government and the CBI suppressed the actual truth and saved the real perpetrators of the crime, the counsel, Anirban Roy told the court. INTRODUCTION •Bhopal gas tragedy, a disaster that happened by a Gas leak is considered as one of the world's worst Industrial catastrophes that occurred on the night of December 2–3, at the Union carbide India Limited (UCIL) Pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

One of the most disastrous events since the history of chemical industry occurred in Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, on the night of December 02,in the factory of Union Carbide of India Ltd. (UC1L) due to leakage of Methyl Iso Cynate (MIC) gas.

Industrial Disasters : A case study of Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster

Bhopal Gas Tragedy The Bhopal gas tragedy was the greatest industrial disaster in the world that took place at a Union Carbide pesticide plant in the Indian city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.3/5(2). Bhopal Gas Tragedy case study 1.

Case Study onBhopal Gas Tragedy Made By- 2. Preview-Amongst the worst Industrial Disasters ofits time.•.

I - Case Study of the Bhopal Incident - Paul Cullinan Union Carbide in Bhopal The Gas Disaster The International Medical Commission 3. Literature Review Technique This case study describes an epidemiological survey which aimed to establish the existence (or otherwise), nature and extent of chronic respiratory disease.

In the morning of December 3, a tragic event occurred in the city of Bhopal, the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

It has been known as the world's worst industrial disaster. A Union Carbide India, Limited (UCIL)'s plant released 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas which instantly killed over 3, people and carrying on causing the.

Bhoplal gas tragedy case study
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