A study of the catalytic converter

Many exhaust manifolds are made from cast iron or nodular iron. Exhaust system components are designed for a specific engine. Oh well, at least i've passed the course right.

Mandrel piping keeps the pipe at a constant cross-sectional area throughout a bend which makes exhaust flow easier. Thus, I will not cover turbossuperchargers and nitrous oxide systems which are forced inductions and are a substantial topic alone. Resonators are basically the second muffler, and are usually the "straight through" type.

That is why race cars are stripped of the interior, air conditioning, and any other unnecessary weight. Mandrel Bent Versus Crush Bent Piping Another way to upgrade the exhaust piping from the catalytic converter back to the muffler is to have the exhaust piping mandrel heat bent instead of the conventional crush bending.

Oxidation reactions were dominant in a lean environment: Gas composition, temperatures and gas hourly space velocity were chosen close to real engine operating conditions.

Blue Print explores this opportunity, and what it means for the aftermarket. The disadvantage of a dual exhaust system is that it would be costly due to the additional components. Without it, the vehicle may produce excessive emissions and have trouble passing the emissions tests that are required in some states.

In some exhaust systems, the resonator is clamped into the tail pipe. Some exhaust manifolds have a gasket between the manifold and the cylinder head, as can be seen in the diagram below: Bolts or studs and nuts retain the exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold, as shown in the diagram below.

Machine learning also can identify interesting effects that are worthy of additional study. Previous article in issue.

To reduce costs, experiments are being done to lessen the amount of platinum Pt and substitute palladium Pd in converters. Air is not allowed to flow too freely because of restrictions in the form of the catalytic converter, the resonator, and the muffler. Perform a back pressure test to confirm any suspicions of a clogged catalytic converter.

Analysis of the Exhaust System in an Average Car Click Images for larger Photo The above is a diagram of the major components of an exhaust system in a car. The Resonator, Muffler, and Tailpipe Since the resonator and muffler perform basically the same functions, I decided to write about them under one heading.

Next Pyrometer An easy way to test a catalytic converter for a rich fuel condition is to use a pyrometer to compare the inlet and outlet temperatures. The exhaust passages from each port in the manifold join into a common single passage before they reach the manifold flange. Check the following links and search for items for your car or truck: The above described and pictured muffler design is the most common type, the reverse-flow design, which changes the direction of exhaust flow inside the muffler.

If the converter rattles when tapped with a plastic hammer, it must be replaced. What the experts say Some exhaust headers are tuned so the exhaust pulses enter the exhaust manifold between the exhaust pulses from other cylinders, preventing interference between the exhaust pulses.

So the more energy it requires to do something, the less power you will get out of it. Samples were loaded with soot on an engine bench test.

Some have a heavy tapered steel or steel composition sealing washer positioned between the exhaust pipe flange and the exhaust manifold flange. The major driver for the growth of the catalytic converter market can be attributed to the introduction of stringent rules and regulations by the government of various nations worldwide with the objective of protecting the environment and preventing the hazardous effects of global warming.

This will be too general and cover too wide of a topic, as a car also uses air for various other mechanical purposes. He said this was unexpected because the metals typically each have a strong affinity to bind with oxygen as opposed to binding with each other.

Under this condition, tail pipe emissions become very high. If you enjoyed the information and article you just read be sure to check out our newly released book with even more exciting photo's and information: On a V-type engine an exhaust manifold is bolted to each cylinder head.

On the other hand, crush bending deforms the pipe at the bend swhich can restrict the exhaust flow. The pipe diameter, component length, catalytic converter size, muffler size, and exhaust manifold design are engineered to provide proper exhaust flow, silencing, and emission levels on a particular engine.

All of these vehicles are covered in the tech, maintenance and repair articles found above. Introduction The engine is like an air pump; the more air that is allowed to flow through it, the more horsepower that you get out of it. There has already been development of low or zero emission vehicles already in the recent auto shows by major automobile manufacturers like Honda Natural Gas vehicle and Ford Electric car.

The symptom first noticed when a catalytic converter becomes clogged is a loss of power.

Selective catalytic reduction

A clogged catalytic converter can be tested with a back pressure tester. Symptoms of a clogged catalytic converter include a loss of power and. If the oxygen level in the exhaust stabilizes, the catalytic converter efficiency will drop considerably.

In order for a catalyst to best clean up NOx the A/F ratio must be richer than. Exhaust Flow and Tuning. All Credit for this paper goes to: Alvin Teo. We owe him a big thanks This was my research project for my Physics of Modern Devices course which i took duringthe Spring semester of my Junior year in Rutgers.

Clogged Catalytic Converter. A catalytic converter is made of an aluminum oxide honeycomb coated with materials like platinum and palladium.

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They react. Vol.7, No.3, May, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Study on Bilinear Scheme and Application to Three-dimensional Convective Equation (Itaru Hataue and Yosuke Matsuda).

Jul 02,  · Study shows machine learning can improve catalytic design The catalytic converters in automobiles, for example, contain metals like platinum and palladium that aid in reactions that break down air pollutants.

“That’s a gas phase reaction,” Senftle said of the catalytic converter example. “There’s a certain.

A study of the catalytic converter
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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Catalytic Converter